Buffalo Bills news (Democrat and Chronicle)

Buffalo Bills news (Buffalo News)

Buffalo Official NFL page of Bills, lots of multi-media stuff.

NFL on ESPN- provides league-wide news and previews. Part of my daily reads.


Dilbert (office/ cubicle pouge humor)

User Friendly (computer tech geek comic strip)

The Onion (news satire)

Civil Air Patrol

New York Wing the best CAP site on the net- mine!

Cadet Stuff- general cadet resource, great leadership articles and very frequented and useful forum.

NY Wing HQ- headquarters for NY state CAP.

CAP HQ- member utilities, data and publication downloads

CAP mainpage- general info on CAP.


Rush the #1 syndicated talk show on radio. It's #1 for a reason.

Ann Weekly column from Ann Coulter. Warning: may cause simultaneous laughter and hatred. Daily column from Bob Lonsberry, a radio talk show host from the Rochester, NY area. Was recently fired from his position at WHAM because of a "racist" comment about the mayor of Rochester. Also does a radio show in Salt Lake City, Utah, so he sometimes writes columns about Utah issues. Offers opinions on local politics as well as national issues. I generally agree with him, and he's sometimes funny... Random thoughts and ruminations collected into one huge mishmash of a website. The T-shirts on the French and Terrorists are hilarious.

Life, Liberty A bit gun-nutty/Montana-militia-right-wing, but they have some funny t-shirts for sale.


Dr. Phil- lots of advice on relationships, dating and weight loss. An interesting TV show as well, one that sparks good discussion of one's own issues.

Starting Over- daytime NBC television reality show that features 6 women who intend to change their lives in a particular aspect. Goals like "money for college", "become authentic", "learn to drive" and "give baby up for adoption or keep it" are featured. It's easy to get caught up in the drama, and also allows you to take a look at where you are in your own life. An interesting TV program to learn about how you interact with others based on how they interact with others. boatloads of information on coping with a multitude of topics, including relationships, loss, emotional trauma, childhood issues, "-aholisms" (alcohol, work, etc.), anger, writing skills, etc. Very thorough and resourcefull and all free.

Stepfamily in Formation Help- Deals with step families and divorce/remarry issues in particular. But also good from a self-help perspective, in improving your communication skills and dealing with inner child issues, the step-family angle aside. Reams and reams of free pages- literally thousands of pages.

Joy 2MeU- Another inner-child, codependence resource page. Lots of spiritual, metaphysical type articles which can spark thinking along those lines, challenging (or bringing forth) honestly and openly one's core beliefs.

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Last updated 29 Jul 04