I have successful experience with project management, software testing (as a lead/manager as well), statistical data analysis, light scripting programming/tweaking (such as SQA Robot, VB script, JavaScript on this site), and software process improvement/CMM activities. My aptitude lies in being able to learn technical skills on my own.
With each change in job, I've had to learn in an entirely new paradigm (finance/sales/pricing, legal, networking, copy machines) and have contributed positively immediately in each role. Likewise, with any new employment position, I will be able to step in and contribute right away.
Feel free to poke around this site as well as at NYWG Cadets.org to see my self-taught HTML/JavaScript skills. The creations page will show you my self-taught documentation and video editing skills.

Resume - Word 2000 Format

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Resume - RTF

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Last updated 23 Mar 04