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13 Aug 06

Finally put up the Buttermilk & Taughannock Falls trip photos and garden pictures from this year. Under "Travels", then "New York State" and "Waterfalls in Ithaca". The garden photos are awesome compared to last year. Better camera, better results! Click on "Pictures", then "Garden"

8 Aug 06

Added page for the new members of our family, Max and Amy, our dogs. Check it out under "pets".

20 Dec 05

Astrophotography pics added to the "Miscellaneous Pics" section under the "Pictures" menu above. More astronomical photos will be added as they come!

26 Sept 05

Added pictures that Valarie took from Saturday morning volleyball at Eyer park. Check them out under "pictures". We've only been going almost every week for two years now, and finally now we have some pictures...

18 August 05

Got some photos from Diana from Valarie's graduation party in 2004. Check them out under "pictures".

19 July 05

Ahh, back from vacation in Fiji. Loaded the Fiji album photos, as well as performing an update to the miscellaneous photos page. Go to the "general pictures" link in the menus to see our U2 concert photos, and look under "travels" for the Fiji vacation photos.

17 May 05

Finally!! An update!! We live!!! Added pictures of the perennial plants that the previous owners of our new house left in the yard. They're all blooming now, so we'd like to show you all. Check it out under the "pictures" menu.

11 Jan 05

Added a few pics to the miscellaneous pictures section.

30 Dec 04

Stage 1 of home improvements- complete. Under 'Pictures'. Also added pictures to the cats page and (finally!) the general pictures page, which will grow over time as various miscellaneous photos get primped for web display.

22 Nov 04

House pictures we're buying today (pre-improvements) under 'Pictures'.

9 Nov 04

Celtic Festival pictures under 'Travels' then 'New York State'. Added couch pictures under 'Pictures'.

29 Sep 04

Take a look at our vacation adventure to look at the world's highest tides, in the Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Under 'Travels' in the menu above.

29 Jul 04

Finally added the Cat Pictures and pictures from our multiple trips to New York City. Check out the NYC pics under 'Travels' then 'New York State'. Updated the car page as well.

13 Jun 04

Added a new picture album from our trip to Watkins Glen. 36 pics from our sight-seeing, camping and hiking this last weekend. Check it under 'Travels' then 'New York State'.

27 May 04

Even more added to The Hat page (under 'Pictures').

11 May 04

Added the "Automobiles" page, as well as the Chimney bluffs page under "Travels". Check out the pics!

6 May 04

More peeps on The Hat page (under 'Pictures').

27 Apr 04

Added a bunch of pics to The Hat.

21 Apr 04

Added The Hat and Wedding Album under "Pictures", and Drive Across USA under "Travels" in the menus above.

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