Job Search

Andy and I are currently debating when and where to do my/our job search. He is in a comfortable job with his company now and our apartment lease isn't up until December. Nevertheless, we're willing to relocate to Texas before then, if the right opportunity presents itself. I'm also looking for opportunities in the Rochester area, realizing that God may have a plan for us here.


Along with many other grads this quarter, Andy and I will be cramming six or more people into an apartment meant for two. This degree is perhaps the biggest accomplishment of my life, so it is with a happily sort of stress that we'll be planning a graduation celebration. We went looking this weekend for a park pavilion to host a BBQ. It looks like we'll just have to string up some lights and a canopy behind our apartment. We haven't asked yet, but I'm hoping the church will loan us any extra chairs or tables we may need.

Here's the invitation I made.. very nice, I would say:

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